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Team Numbers:-
All teams must register a minimum of 7 players, (6 players for U6's) teams may register a maximum of 12 players but only 10 players will be able to be listed on the team sheet to play in a game. You may nominate a team with 5 players the team must have 7 registered players by the start of the season. IF you need extra players we always have players looking for a team.

Juniors ... $30 a team 

Junior Players Age Policy:-
Players and teams are to play in their correct age groups
Players cannot play for 2 teams in the same competition, this includes representative or development teams.
Players that played up last season may continue to play up as long as they are playing in the same team as last season. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players playing in the correct age group in the team
A player may be registered to play up an age group, ONLY if all teams are full in the player’s correct age group and there is still a vacancy in the age group above within 14 days of that age group season starting.  
Teams may play up an age group, ONLY if the team’s correct age group is full and there is still a vacancy in the age group above within 14 days of that age group season starting. 
Representative and Development teams sanctioned by Southern Queensland Regional Futsal Committee may play above their correct age group. 
All Girl teams may play one age group down if there is no girl’s competition available.

No Goal Difference or Top Goal Scorer
As a reminder to everyone we do not record for and against on our junior competition ladders or keep tally of goal scorers in junior Futsal, the objective is to develop all players and for all players to enjoy the game. We ask you all please to consider the other teams and players you’re playing against enjoyment as well. We are not asking you not to win or not play your best but scoring lots of goals doesn’t make you a hero, winning by huge margins doesn’t make you the better team. We would like to see all players, coordinators and teams work together to help develop this great game for all players of all abilities to enjoy.

League Champions & Finals Rankings
If Leagues are split, Only the teams competing in the Premier League are eligible to become League Champions. In case of two or more teams finishing equal on points teams will be crowned Co-League Champions as we do not record for and against on our junior competition ladders.
Ranking in finals, highest place on points will be ranked number 1, next highest on points ranked number 2 and so on. If teams are equal on points and as we do not take goal difference into count, rankings will be determined on head to head between the teams, if that is equal it will go on the last winning result between the teams 
Wildcats teams are competing in the competition for development, they may win the League Champions But are ineligible to play in the final series. Teams below Wildcats teams on the competition ladder at the end of the season will move one spot up to finalize finals placings.

Player Registrations
Registrations can be made on-line at myfootballclub the same as outdoor registrations.

For more information contact;
Jim Cairney
Bundaberg Futsal Leagues.
Operations Manager
0467 523 696